Episode 37

A Whole Arsenal of Foot Guns


August 8th, 2018

59 mins 46 secs

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Recorded July 30th 2018

This week we welcome Anastasia Kazakova and Dmitry Kozhevnikov to talk about the recent release of CLion 2018.2, as well as the upcoming release of ReSharper C++. We particularly talk about the new clangd based language engine that CLion now uses alongside it's own, as well as the next step towards alternate build system support - and C++/CLI support in ReSharper C++.

We also talk about JetBrains' involvement in the standards committee and the new tooling group, SG15.

And we Anastasia talks excitedly about a really great promotional discount on JetBrains' products which, sadly, expired before this episode could be edited.


  • Anastasia Kazakova (Twitter)
  • Dmitry Kozhevnikov

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